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You're Invited to ...

The Racket

A Noir Soiree, Starring You

Assume Your Identity

Step through the door and into the role of a mover and shaker in a city of upstanding citizens and underhanded crooks. Will you be a Doctor? A Detective? A Thief? Anything and anyone is possible in this city founded on intrigue, corruption, and murder.

Wheel & Deal

Join the rat race to be the Guest with the most money at the end of the evening, then lie, cheat and steal your way to the front of the pack.

Stay on Your Toes

Just make sure you're still standing at the end of the night. At a party like this, there are bound to be a few folks worth trusting and a few dozen others better left alone, and with this much money on the line, asking someone to watch your back might just give them time to stick a knife in it.

The Gory Details

San Francisco’s newest game in town is a Neo-Noir adventure, starring you.

Part parlour game, part cocktail party, part rat race, The Racket invites participants into the opening scene of their favorite Noir film, then turns the plotting over to them. Furnished with a new profession, audience members must navigate an underground party where deals are made in back rooms, black markets blossom, and everyone is competing to have the most money at the end of the night.

As the evening gets going, guests can team up with or turn the tables on other party-goers, crack a safe, recover a priceless artifact, or murder anyone who isn’t watching their back.

We specialize in parties for private individuals and corporate team-building activities, and we'd be delighted to come to your home, office, or a private venue of your choice.

Our team includes a dedicated staff of charming Hosts, who will keep the evening running smoothly, as well as a professional photographer and bartenders.

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Word on the Street

"The Racket infused the party with an electric energy and excitement. I met and schemed with friends and strangers alike. Remember, trust no one!"- Amy, Thief

"As the evening progressed I could feel the psychological genius simmering, then boiling. What an amazing experience! Best game I've ever played ... and one of the most conscious and well-crafted events I've attended recently!"- Ryan, Bond Agent

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the party last?

The Racket is 2 hours long and includes an introduction, 1.5 hours of gameplay, and an announcement of The Winners.

What time do you host the event?

We arrange our events based on the preferences of our clients, and are happy to host late-night cocktail parties, mid-day luncheons and office happy hours.

Do you have any suggestions on a venue for the party?

The ideal venue is somewhere with a working sound system for music, low and pleasant lighting, and enough space for guests to move around and have private conversations. Single-room bars and offices work just as well as ornate apartments, and we're happy to accommodate whatever location you choose, but think cocktail party instead of sit-down dinner. Our favorites places to play in San Francisco are listed below.

Noir Lounge, Bourbon and Branch, Novela, Devil's Acre, Marianne's at The Cavalier, Comstock Saloon, HogsHead Reserve at The Barrel Room, The Office at Churchill, Hardwater, 46 Minna, The Eden Lounge at Park Tavern, House of Shields, Local Edition

Can you play in my office or come to my home?

Of course! We can play in any location that could comfortably host a party of your guest list's size.

What sort of information will players receive?

Guests attending The Racket will receive an Identity along with basic game instructions. We also encourage Guests to visit our Screening Room and our Dressing Room for some of our favorite flicks and a style guide to help them dress their best.

Do you have any photos from past events?

You can see photos from all of our past events by visiting us on Facebook.

What do I wear?

Dress for The Racket is black and to kill. If you're looking for ideas, you can visit our Dressing Room and take a look at some of our favorite fashions.

Do you have advice on prizes, decorations, and other party favors?

Our Storage Closet is full of ideas on how to throw a truly killer party.