Why, Hello. Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves.

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We’re Quixote Games, and we believe that you are the hero of your own adventure.

We named our studio after Don Quixote. He was an unremarkable man who one day wished to be a knight, and so was one. We believe that our players are already the heroes of their own stories, and our games are a chance for them to realize their own adventurous potential and live out their most impossible dreams.

About windmill

Through carefully crafted scenarios, we create opportunities for players to explore their acumen and intentions as they take another step forward on their journey.

Since 2010, we’ve been working to design games and experiences for handful to hundreds of people, always guided by four golden principles.

Play Present

We like to say we make real games. Our arenas are physical locations and our players compete in person. The actions they take and relationships they form are always authentic—no screens or scripts necessary.

Power to the Player

Our choices are what define us. The more agency we give to our players, the more cathartic their experience. Our games allow players to craft their own strategy, style and sense of accomplishment, and our favorite players are the ones that surprise us.

The Play’s the Thing

“It’s not about whether you win or lose. It’s how you play the game.” That’s not just how we play, but also how we design. For us, good gameplay is fun for everyone, and each player should come away with a success story, whether they end up in first place or last.

Play Yourself

We learn best through direct experience, so our players keep their own identity, no matter the situation we present them with. In doing so, they learn how to play our games more quickly, and more deeply about themselves.

Drop Us a Line

We’re always happy to hear the lowdown or dish the dirt on what we’re doing next.

About 2

Justin Hinojoza, El Don

Justin graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Cognition. While teaching high school, he began using games to create lesson plans that improved student engagement. He has a particular interest how people learn and make decisions, and he specializes in world-building and social gameplay.

About 1

Rebecca Power, La Doña

Rebecca has designed games and experiences for The Go Game and Boxcar Theater’s “The Speakeasy”. She is currently an artist in residence at SFMOMA. Her specialties include system design, the emotions of mechanics, and media production both print and digital.